GTA 5 Remake: a mod distorts the graphics of the game [VIDEO]

The GTA 5 Remake project consists of a mod that renews the graphics sector of the famous title developed by Rockstar Games. To download the mod you need to become a member of the Patreon page of the developer Nb.Design , which gives you access to the download of the first Beta.


Although the graphic rework is called GTA 5 Remake, it is more correct to consider it as a remaster operation , since it is only a new graphic design and not a total makeover of the game. Meanwhile Nb.Design has released the following trailer , which shows us the aesthetic impact of the work carried out:

Watching the video you can see how the new graphics affect the setting by adding new vegetation and improving the reflections and textures of objects and natural elements. The mod is only compatible for the PC version of GTA 5 and also works within server role play via FiveM .

Pending the definitive release of the mod, we do not exclude the possibility that Rockstar, impressed by the quality of the work of Nb.Design, may decide to introduce the new graphics through an official update . GTA 5 has almost 8 years of activity on its shoulders and there has been talk for some time about an Enhanced version , which takes full advantage of the hardware of the next gen consoles and the powerful new generation video cards.

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