Android 14

Google with Android 14 will raise the performance bar

The final version of Android 13 has been released for less than a month and still only Google’s smartphones have received it but the world of technology is running faster and faster and, therefore, it is not surprising that the insiders are already projected on the next release of the mobile operating system of the Mountain View giant: we are obviously talking about Android 14 .

Well, in the past few hours two of the innovations have emerged that should be part of the package of features and requirements provided by the Google team for the next version of the OS.

Android 14

Two possible new features coming with Android 14

In particular, it seems that Android 14 will make the AV1 codec mandatory for all devices: it is a new method of video encoding that is considered to be much more efficient than other systems and which will help users save bandwidth, all without losses. quality.

According to what was found by Mishaal Rahman, in the Android Open Source Project Gerrit a rumor has been added according to which among the minimum requirements included in the Android Compatibility Definition Document there is also support for the AV1 codec ( “Handheld and Tablet device implementations must support decoding AV1 “ ).

Additionally, it appears that some devices running Android 14 will be forced to support 64-bit only apps , finally spelling the end for 32-bit only apps.

In particular, from the initial documentation released by Google we learn that devices launched with Android 14 and equipped with CPUs with Armv9 architecture (such as, for example, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1) will be forced to support only 64-bit apps.

It should be noted that most modern apps are already updated to run on 64-bit architectures and, therefore, this change shouldn’t hurt users too much, who will likely just have to give up a handful of older apps and games. .

First beta version of Android 14 should arrive in April.