Google Translate shuts down in China after low demand

According to the search giant, due to the “low usage” of the Chinese audience , it doesn’t make sense for the company to keep the Google Translate website active in Mainland China.

Google Translate

Therefore, those who live in China and still want to use the service will come across a redirect link to the Hong Kong Google Translate page.

With Google Translate shutting down, leaders Baidu and Alibaba show that local companies continue to have a lot of power over the Chinese public. However, third-party services that use Google’s foundation have not yet communicated which engine they should migrate to.

Also, while Google doesn’t comment, people who work with the company say the Translator’s removal may have something to do with the Chinese Communist Party’s National Congress, which takes place on October 16.

Government censors are stepping up the pressure against foreign services and want to ban memes, keywords and other texts circulating on social media.


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