Google Play update

Google Play update: TV apps can be installed from smartphone

Google has launched a major update of its branded app store. It provides easy integration of Android TV devices with other gadgets: users can install applications from a smartphone not only on paired smart watches, but also on TVs running the Google operating system.

Google Play updateAfter the software update, users will not need to launch the app store built into Android TV and search for the software of interest from the remote control. All this can be done directly from a smartphone by choosing a TV or smart set-top box as the recipient of the application.

When installing from the Google Play store, the account owner can select any device compatible with the Android application from the list connected to the account. Reddit users note that now not everyone can try the innovation, since the new function is in the testing stage. It is expected that in the near future all owners of Android smartphones will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Google representatives have not yet announced a date for the global availability of the innovation.

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