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Google Play Store is optimized for non-phone devices

The Google Play Store is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users, developers and devices that rely on the platform. Google today announced new changes that will make it easier to navigate , search, and install apps for non-phone products.

In the future, Google will offer new ways to search for apps with specific home pages for non-phone devices, filtered searches and the ability to remotely install apps from the phone on other supported items of our choice.

Google Play Store


The revamped home page will contain icons for devices such as Android tablets , TVs , Wear OS watches, Chromebooks, and audio products. Users will be able to browse compatible apps using these same categories, while also gaining access to relevant editorials and reviews. Additionally, users will be able to filter apps and games by device type, making it easier to find what they want. Finally, it will now be possible to remotely install apps from a phone to other non-phone devices that offer compatibility .


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