Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold will not hit the market, component orders canceled

If you are part of that large group of users who were impatiently waiting for the announcement of the first foldable smartphone from Google , your wait could be much longer than expected. According to reports Ross Young of DisplaySupplyChain, a source that over time has proved authoritative and reliable, the Mountain View giant has canceled the orders of components.

Google Pixel FoldNo Google Pixel Fold?

According to Young’s sources, Google does not intend to launch its leaflet in 2021, nor in the first half of 2022, effectively leaving the road clear to Samsung, the only giant that seems to strongly believe in this type of product. . The choice of Google would have been made following the lack of competitiveness of the project, lower than the expectations of the company itself.

The challenge against Samsung on the American and European markets is unequal, with the Asian giant that has already affirmed its supremacy in a market that is still too niche. For Google, therefore, high costs are expected in the face of low revenues, such as to make the Californian company desist from the project, at least for the moment.

The rumors circulated in recent weeks spoke of a subdued device , especially in the photographic sector which has always represented the great added value of the Pixel range, despite sensors that on paper are inferior to those of the competition. In fact, it seems that the Google Pixel Fold would have used the same sensor as the Pixel 33, with an 8 megapixel selfie sensor.

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It therefore seems that the first folding smartphone to take advantage of Android 12L , designed specifically for folding tablets and smartphones, will not be produced by Google . It will therefore be up to Samsung, or to one of the brands such as OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi, to show the potential of the new version of Android, at least for the first months of next year.

Ross Young, however, does not close the doors to a Google Pixel Fold , which could arrive in the second half of next year, after a general revision of the project.