Google Pixel 7 will also bring new features to the bedroom

We are fast approaching the moment of the official presentation of the highly anticipated Google Pixel 7 series and on  the Net the rumors and contributions continue to multiply, allowing us to discover in advance the most important innovations studied by the Mountain View giant for the new generation of smartphones of the company.

Also Mishaal Rahman in recent weeks has provided us with several advances, to which another has been added in the past few hours which concerns a feature that should debut with the Google Pixel 7 series.

A handy new feature coming with the Google Pixel 7

According to what was revealed by the popular  leaker on Twitter , the team of developers of the Mountain View giant would have worked on a feature that will allow users to allow the smartphone to evaluate the quality of their sleep.

In particular, Google Pixel 7 will be able to detect any coughs and snoring at night , thus creating a graph that provides information on the user’s behavior during sleep.

Here’s what the setup screen for this new feature should look like:

Google Pixel 7

Google specifies that to take advantage of this feature (which should only be available if you set the time to go to sleep) users must be ready to allow the smartphone to activate its microphone during the night, specifying however that the audio will not be registered and that will not be shared with the Mountain View giant or third parties.

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To find out more, we just have to be patient until 6 October.

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