Google Pixel 4 Patch

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, the latest official patch has been released

Google has released a software update for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones. It includes a number of minor bug fixes and security patches, but more importantly, it officially became the last update for both versions of the branded smartphone.

Google Pixel 4 Patch

The October patch was technically the final one for the original Pixel 4 and its XL version. According to the Google roadmap, this is the last of the guaranteed updates for devices introduced in 2019. Officially, the vendor has not yet announced this, but, according to Android Police journalists, both gadgets are waiting for the fate of their predecessors. At best, smartphones will receive one or more security updates, but not a new version of the OS.

Google Pixel Update – October 2022

Software versions

Pixel 4 (XL): TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 4a: TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 4a (5G): TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 5: TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 5a (5G): TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 6: TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 6 Pro: TP1A.221005.002
Pixel 6a: TP1A.221005.003


As for the Pixel 4a, the device will receive regular OS updates until August 2023, and the 4a 5G model until November next year. For owners of smartphones of the Pixel 6 family, the company guaranteed regular security updates for five years, that is, until the fall of 2026.


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