Google Pixel 2 XL released custom firmware on Android 12

Participants of the ProtonAOSP project have released an unofficial Android 12 image for the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. Although the gadget does not officially support the latest OS, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, it can be installed manually – however, some of the functions of the “green robot” will have to be sacrificed.

Google Pixel 2 XL The creators of the ProtonAOSP image for Google Pixel 2 XL note that the radio module, camera, GPS, Bluetooth and fingerprint scanner are working properly in the “custom”. Among the controversial points are the lack of encryption support in the current assembly and the operation of SELinux in permissive mode, which potentially causes problems with the security of the mobile OS.


The image published by enthusiasts is intended for manual installation via Fastboot mode. Before upgrading to Android 12, users are advised to back up their data, as the drive will be re-partitioned during the installation process. In addition, the authors of the build recommend not storing confidential information on the device until a version with a working encryption function is released.

You can familiarize yourself with the firmware and download the ProtonAOSP installation image for Google Pixel 2 XL on the project’s official page .


Released to patrons on October 10, 2021 and publicly on October 31.


  • Updated to Android 12
  • October security patch
  • Customizable dynamic theme engine for Material You using modern color science
  • New responsive ripple animation inspired by Fluent Design
  • Dual-tone light/dark quick settings and notification shade UI
  • Light/dark power menu themed with dynamic colors
  • Launcher widget and popup menu item colors based on underlying wallpaper area
  • 7-day usage history for all permissions in privacy dashboard
  • Lock screen clock and PIN keypad typography hand-tweaked for Inter font
  • High-quality color blending and surface color generation
  • Subpixel text positioning for better kerning and reduced animation jitter
  • Vulkan UI renderer for performance
  • Faster light/dark theme transition
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi and cellular data QS tiles from Android 11
  • New privacy indicators for location, camera, and microphone
  • Seamless font weight animations on lock screen and ambient display
  • Rounded Material You UI similar to Pixel stock
  • Camera and microphone privacy toggles
  • Face-based auto rotation
  • One-handed mode with notification shade pull-down gesture
  • New Strange Dimension wallpapers by Infinitum (including default wallpaper)
  • New photographic wallpapers from elementary OS collection
  • New logo by Andraz and boot animation by Diab
  • Performance and privacy improvements from ProtonAOSP 11
  • App runtime and low memory killer optimizations from latest AOSP
  • Sensor and network permission control
  • Button to log out of secondary users without restarting (GrapheneOS)
  • Restored USB mode notification
  • Fixed rare gestural navigation bug after wiping data
  • Fixed SafetyNet attestation failures after September 2
  • Play services compatibility: Support for geolocation API (buggy)
  • Play services compatibility: Fixed many app crashes (GrapheneOS)
  • Pixel 4 XL: Refined rounded corners in notification shade