Google Nest Wifi Pro announced, beautiful and with WiFi 6E

Google first entered the router market with the original Google Wifi, with a primary router node and optional add-ons. Subsequently, the giant launched Google Nest Wifi, with a similar design but with more functions.
Google Nest Wifi Pro

Finally, yesterday, Google announces the third and most recent edition of the series: Google Nest Wifi Pro, the first model of Google “Pro” router. The most notable aspect of this new model is the Wi-Fi 6E support . Since the router runs on the 6 GHz spectrum and supports this latest Wi-Fi standard, it will be very fast, very stable, and feature low latencies.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Nest Wifi nodes with the Nest Wifi Pro router. This will force you to perform a complete hardware upgrade of your home network if you already have a Nest Wifi. Also, the Nest Wifi Pro doesn’t have smart speaker integration .

Finally, the Google Nest Wifi Pro system has a slightly new design , with four different colors: snow, fog, linen and lemongrass. The router nodes and hub all look the same, and you can use Ethernet with any of them. The Google Nest Wifi Pro , arriving on October 27, is now available for pre-order for  219.99, while at € 329.99 for the 2 pack.