Google Chrome: The most requested feature is finally coming

Google Chrome appears to be installed on most electronic devices from smartphones to notebooks and up to Personal Computers. Over the years it has been able to assert its arguments with the arrival of special updates  that have decreed an extensive adoption by the public.

In place of what will be the news of the next update , a surge of enthusiasm is expected. A long overdue component is coming to us. We are finally ready for the revolution. Here’s what’s to come.



Google Chrome being updated: absurd news entices users

With the new update for Google Chrome , the use of new tools dedicated to the accessibility of navigation functions is encouraged. In particular, we are talking about real-time subtitles that are placed in the audio outputs and also in the videos reproduced through the software.

The so-called Live Captions already present on Android for some time offer the possibility of receiving textual information useful for a deaf audience on the screen. A similar function has been successfully implemented in the latest version of Chrome released in recent days.

Now the news has arrived for Google Chrome Desktop with the availability of a state-of-the-art support platform. Fundamental for hard of hearing and deaf users but also when you do not have the opportunity to hear the audio from the speakers.

It seems only right to underline the fact that real-time Google Chrome subtitles not only work on websites and online media players but also for local content played through the browser. As pointed out by BigG, in fact, there is the possibility to generate subtitles automatically for:

“Social platforms, video-sharing sites, podcasts, radio content, personal video libraries (such as Google Photos), video players integrated into the pages, and most audio or video chat services on the web”.

To activate the function, simply access:
Google Chrome Settings> Advanced> Accessibility> Subtitles in real time

At the moment the function is limited to the English language and follows the same graphics as the mobile version. It will take weeks to perfect the system also for the Italian language. We look forward to further useful information.

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