Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21: Samsung’s devices are affected by a WhatsApp bug

There is a singular WhatsApp video bug affecting Samsung Galaxy S21. While Samsung is increasingly committed to bringing Android 12 to high-end smartphones, it seems that Google ‘s new operating system is creating quite a few headaches for those who share videos on Samsung Galaxy S21 .

In fact, according to the latest information published on Reddit and the official Samsung support community , more and more users are complaining about a bug affecting WhatsApp videos with Samsung Galaxy S21 .

Galaxy S21This WhatsApp bug affects Samsung Galaxy S21

Looking at the video at the bottom of the news, you can see the presence of vertical or horizontal green bands appearing in some videos sent via WhatsApp. Digging even deeper to try to identify the source of this bug, it was discovered that some users with Google Pixel 6 and OnePlus smartphones are also affected by the same bug as the videos sent via WhatsApp.

All this leads us to assume that most likely the WhatsApp bug on Samsung Galaxy S21 has more to do with Android 12 than with a specific brand of smartphone. If you have encountered the same problem and you have not yet found a solution to the bug, we recommend that you send the videos as “documents” by choosing the appropriate item from the sharing menu of the instant messaging application, at least until it is published an application update.

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Source: Reddit