Galaxy A24, too many steps backwards: the video worries fans

The latest rumors about upcoming Samsung phones mainly concern the Galaxy S23 series , which the South Korean company will officially unveil in early 2023.

However, as Samsung fans know, the company is also working on many phones that fall into the range. average.

In the past few hours, the YouTube channel The Pixel has published a video that describes in detail the possible specifications of the Galaxy A24 . These are the first rumors regarding this phone, which will arrive as a successor to the Galaxy A23.

However, as SamMobile also points out, it’s best to take this video with a grain of salt. The alleged data sheet of the Galaxy A24 that is described in the video seems to have huge “downgrades” compared to the Galaxy A23, and actually appears as a contradiction.

For example, the video claims that the Galaxy A24 will be powered by a 14nm Exynos 7904 chipset (accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage), an older processor and significantly lower in performance than the 6nm Snapdragon 680G chip that powers the Galaxy A23.

Galaxy A24

The battery capacity would be  4,000 mAh with support for charging at 15 W: even here we would be faced with a significant step backwards, since the Galaxy A23 is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery with a charge of 25 W.

Considering that 5,000mAh batteries are now standard on most current A-series phones, it’s really hard to imagine Samsung doing such a downgrade.

Last but not least, the Galaxy A24 will sport a 48MP rear camera with OIS (along with an 8MP ultra wide-angle sensor and 5MP depth or macro) according to the video.

The Galaxy A23 also has optical image stabilization, but its main camera is a 50 megapixel sensor.

Some improvements also emerge in the movie, such as that relating to the front camera, which should go from 8 MP to 16 MP. Additionally, the Galaxy A23’s LCD display could be replaced with an AMOLED screen , again with a 90Hz refresh rate.

However, as already pointed out, it is best to take the information leaked in this video with great caution, bearing in mind that the Galaxy A23 was launched this year in March :

if Samsung confirms these timelines to the launch of the Galaxy A24, there are still many months to go.


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