Facebook: revolution after the announcement of the most absurd news ever

Facebook  is working on a new project that is preparing to revolutionize the usability of smart functions. On the web we begin to discuss a work concerning the development of new platforms for augmented reality . As announced by the management of Menlo park, these are smart glasses whose debut should be set no later than the date of the next 2030. There is time to gather information. Here are the ones currently in our possession.


Facebook Smart glasses: the revolution is about to arrive

By taking advantage of the hologram technique we will have the opportunity to fully experience the AR made by Facebook experience. The user can thus project in any place and in any digital reality thanks to the use of appropriate devices.

Alongside this great revolution, the possibility of exploiting new smart wearables indicated by statements such as the new wearable bracelets always addressed to the field of augmented reality is also mentioned . The general objective is to optimally manage video calls based on an example recently also taken by companies such as Microsoft Corporation.

Specifically, these wrist wearables will be able to manage outputs through hand gestures. A peculiar capacity of these new hi-tech discoveries would be to be able to manage the electrical impulses due to movement. The gestures, therefore, become real actions able to manage the UI shown through the Facebook Smart glasses . Almost like reading minds.

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The company intends to spend itself in full through this new idea of ​​technological revolution. Mark Zuckerberg works closely in the field of new technologies which, at least from these first steps, seem not to disappoint expectations. Other companies have tried this in the past with poor results. Could this be the right time?