Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online: Stadia players can claim free copy on PC

Elder Scrolls Online publisher Bethesda has detailed how players will be able to continue the MMROPG after Google announced it will retire Stadia , its streaming gaming service, next year.

Earlier this month, Bethesda revealed that players would be able to transfer their ESO accounts to the PC version, including their characters, purchased items, and more, but with no explanation of how this would take place. 

This week, an email was sent explaining the process.

In the email sent by Bethesda, it says that with Stadia shutting down on January 18, 2023, players will have the option to access the game on PC/Mac. 

All progress such as inventory, achievements, characters and purchased items will be preserved in the account transfer process.

To make the transfer, players will need to log into the official Elder Scrolls Online website and log in to download the title client for PC or Mac. 

The base game, which can be found for around R$ 60, will be accessible along with all expansions and existing progress.

It is worth noting that the procedure does not work with console versions , as Elder Scrolls Online progress can only be transferred on platforms of the same family. Stadia shared servers with the PC version, while Xbox and PlayStation use their own for each console generation.

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Since Google’s announcement that it would shut down Stadia, developers have been making plans to not let players down. 

For example, CD Projekt Red has also shared how transferring progress from Cyberpunk 2077 to PC will work.

However, Stadia-exclusive games, such as Outcasters, should be deactivated with the service in early 2023.