Xiaomi 11T

DxOMark’s Xiaomi 11T audio test: one of the best in the High-End class

DxOMark lab staff continue to thoroughly study the Xiaomi 11T. This time, they tested the audio capabilities of the smartphone, evaluating the quality of its sound and sound recording. Previously, DxOMark experts have already evaluated the camera , autonomy and display of this model.


Xiaomi 11T 

When assessing the quality of sound reproduction by the built-in speakers, experts noted good audibility of all elements and accuracy of bass, especially at high volume levels. They also praised the tonal balance and bulkiness. Among the shortcomings, they singled out some instability in the middle frequencies, the absence of “highs” and poor audibility at low volume. In addition, stereo sound does not “rotate” when the smartphone is rotated 180 degrees.

As for the operation of microphones, the advantages include the correct tonal balance, the presence of high frequencies, a good signal-to-noise ratio, a wide scene when shooting video, the exact position of the sound source in the stereo scene, and good volume in all scenarios. Nevertheless, the main emphasis is mainly on the midrange, there is a lack of bass, noticeable compression and distortion in the SPL format.

Summing up, the experts were still satisfied with the sound quality on the Xiaomi 11T, especially considering its price. In the High-End category, he finished second.