iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown

DxOMark: iPhone 14 Pro Max sounds better than any other iPhone

DxOMark laboratory experts tested the audio component of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The tests included checking the sound quality of the speakers and the quality of the sound recording. As a result, the smartphone bypassed the rest of the iPhone models and came close to the first place.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple hasn’t revealed the exact microphone specs of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We only know about the specifications of multimedia speakers: they support Dolby Atmos technology and surround sound. According to experts, 14 Pro Max is not inferior to the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of volume or music playback quality. The timbre of the voice is warm and clear with natural high frequencies and a rich midrange. Bass reproduction is also not satisfactory.

The quality of sound recording has not changed much in comparison with the previous generation of the smartphone. The microphone practically does not distort the voice, but different applications have their own recording features. For example, the voice is somewhat muffled when recording video from the front camera. And in the video from the main camera, medium frequencies predominate. The only significant drawback is that in Notes the sound is recorded in mono, not stereo.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

According to the test results, the smartphone outperformed all previous generations of the iPhone and took fourth place in its price category. In the global ranking, the iPhone 14 Pro Max ranked ninth.

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