iPhone 14 Pro Max

DxOMark: iPhone 14 is louder than iPhone 14 Pro Max

DxOMark laboratory experts conducted a series of audio tests on the iPhone 14, evaluating the sound quality of the new multimedia speakers and microphone. As expected, the device was inferior to the top model Pro Max – but not in everything. For example, in terms of volume and some other indicators, the iPhone 14 overtook a more expensive gadget.

DxOMark iphone 14 audio test


On paper, the audio system of the iPhone 14 is no different from that of the Pro Max: the smartphone is equipped with two speakers with support for Dolby Atmos technology. According to experts, when listening to music or watching videos on the iPhone 14, the voice timbre is natural and moderately rich in low frequencies. Compared to the Pro Max, the smartphone shows a richer mid-range and higher volume, although in general the older model performs better.

However, the iPhone 14 showed greater volume and better recording quality in windy conditions. At the same time, like the Pro Max, the audio quality varied depending on the application. For example, in the video from the main camera, the voice is saturated with medium frequencies (unlike recording from the front camera).

DxOMark iphone 14 audio test


As a result, the iPhone 14 took 10th place in the overall ranking and fifth in its price category. In the global leaderboard, the smartphone is located right behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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