Download Xiaomi MI PC Suite

PC Suite of any phone will provide you more and more function to perform via PC windows such as Share PC Internet, Backup & Recovery, Flashing  Mi Devices and managing files on your desktop. Here you can download pc suite for xiami devices.

Download Xiaomi MI PC Suite

Download Xiaomi MI PC Suite

Supported OS : Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 bother 32 and 64 bit

Interface screen shots:

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Supported OS : Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 bother 32 and 64 bit

All functions are in the MISuite

  1. Application Management
  2. Screenshot
  3. Backup and recovery
  4. Message Management
  5. Contacts management
  6. Video management
  7. Gallery management
  8. System Recovery
  9. Update
  10. Outlook Synchronization
  11. File management

Application Management

  • • Check, install and uninstall applications, easy and fast.
  • • Single click to upgrade applications online.


  • • One click to capture any amazing instant promptly

Backup and recovery

  • • The data on devices can be backed up to the computer, including contacts, messages, applications, music, call history, emails, and schedule.
  • • It also supports transferring backed up data to devices.

Message Management

  • • Send and receive messages on the computer
  • • Manage messages and export them to the computer
  • • Support mass text messaging

Contacts management

  • • Delete contacts
  • • Import and export contacts
  • • Manage contact groups

Video management

  • • Support multiple ways of viewing videos
  • • Import and export videos
  • • Support multiple ways of viewing pictures
  • • Import and export pictures
  • • Set the picture as device wallpaper

System Recovery

  • • Restore the device to factory settings when its system crashes and won’t turn on


  • • Provide the function of Upgrade and Rollback for Huawei Mobile System

Outlook Synchronization

  • • Synchronize contacts and schedule between Outlook and devices

File management

  • • Manage files on internal storage and SD cards
  • • Export files to computers
  • • Import files to mobile phones

The Mac version currently only supports “Picture Management”, “Video Management”, “File Management”, “Backup/Restore”.

System Recovery

  • Upgrade your mobile phone system
    to the latest version easily.

Data backup

  • Back up and recover your phone data.
    Keep your important information intact.


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