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Download Calculator & Unit Converter APK for Android

A multipurpose calculator and a unit converter supporting units of many physical quantities in one package.

Download Calculator & Unit Converter APK for Android

Download Calculator & Unit Converter APK for Android


– Simple elegant design.
– Very light.
– Super fast unit converter.
– Supports all basic functionalities of a calculator.
– Supports parentheses, square root and exponent.
– Has a history button, from where user can see recent calculations history.
– User can edit any calculation without pressing backspace that much times.
– Supports ANS button just like the Scientific calculator for faster calculations.
– Unit converter supports both, imperial and metric units.

Quantities supported by unit converter:
– Length
– Volume
– Weight and Mass
– Time
– Temperature
– Energy
– Area
– Speed
– Power
– Pressure
– Angle


Optional : YOu can also download it from PlayStore


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