The first Zero Trust SIM

Cloudflare Unveils ‘Ultra Secure’ eSIM Module for Smartphones

Cloudflare, an IT security services company, has introduced Zero Trust SIM, an electronic SIM card chip protected from tampering at the hardware level. According to a company representative, this solution surpasses VPN in terms of reliability when working on a network and allows you to avoid almost any type of hacking.

The first Zero Trust SIM

The Zero Trust SIM module is installed in iOS or Android smartphones like a regular eSIM. Its main task is to control all gadget accesses to the network even before they are registered by any program installed on it.

This allows the service to rewrite DNS queries so that the device uses the Cloudflare gateway to control all IP addresses accessed by the user. Thus, attackers will not be able to change the address of any site and gain access to data on the smartphone. So far, you can buy Zero Trust SIM only in the US, but company representatives promise to spread the technology to the markets of other countries.

In addition, Cloudflare introduced the Zero Trust for Mobile Operators affiliate program. Interested operators can enroll in the program and offer Zero Trust services to their customers. As a result, the user will be able to register in the Cloudflare network and get secure access to the network on his smartphone in just a couple of clicks.

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