Bad news from PayPal: here’s what changes for returns


The constant increase in costs that we have been seeing for a few months is leading many companies to review their corporate policies and services offered to customers. We do not know if this is also one of the reasons that led PayPal to communicate something new that users will not appreciate.

In fact, the digital payments giant, known for the numerous advantages and guarantees to seal online purchases, in an official press release announced that the refund of shipping costs for returns will no longer be active.

So goodbye to one of the services much appreciated by those who have an active account with PayPal . What does this mean? In practice, for eligible purchases that a user wants to return, the cost of returning the items to the retailer will no longer be refunded.

Let’s find out all the details of this news together, why PayPal has decided to take this path and when the change will take effect. If you have any eligible returns pending, start the process right away before they are no longer accepted.

PayPal, stop free returns: how, when and why

Thanks to PayPal , a user, by choosing this payment method, could count on the free return policy even when the seller did not provide this service. It was the digital giant that took charge of it by reimbursing the customer. Let’s talk in the past tense because this service will be phased out soon. But when will it happen?

Starting from November 27, 2022 – the official note reads – PayPal will no longer provide free return labels or accept requests for reimbursement of return costs. Be sure to submit any eligible requests before this date to ensure that they are received and reviewed as usual.

In other words, only for those who have already activated the service – and not for new registrations – it will be possible to send a free return request up to 11:59 pm (local time) on November 26, 2022. As of the following day, that is on November 27, 2022 , the service will no longer be available to anyone.

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At the beginning of the article, we sketched our own idea of ​​why PayPal made this radical decision. However, the official reasons of the company, published in the press release, say something else and do not seem to be so clarifying:

PayPal continually updates and develops new features for its customers. Sometimes some services need to be phased out as part of these larger changes. We know how much free returns will be missed by our users. However, remember that we offer other ways to help consumers, such as Buyer Protection.

Source: PayPal

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