ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro with flip camera examined from the inside

The ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro recently unveiled is the brand’s second flip-up camera smartphone. To study in detail the original design of the gadget, the bloggers of the YouTube channel PBK reviews carried out a complete disassembly and compared the “inner world” of the device with last year’s model.

After removing the back panel, the author of the video had to disconnect a number of wires and unscrew a few screws to remove the motherboard. As in the previous model, the dual-layer construction of the motherboard was well protected from overheating by a copper plate, two heat pipes and a lot of thermal paste.

After removing the microphones and battery, the blogger got free access to the camera. As a result of the “autopsy” it turned out that the design of the module with a rotating mechanism of the predecessor differs from the block in the new version of the smartphone – in last year’s Zenfone 6 the motor that rotates the camera was located next to it, and in the Zenfone 7 the motor is built into the block itself. Summing up the video, the tech blogger demonstrated the assembly of the smartphone in its original state – the gadget turned on and continued to work.

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