ASUS smartphones with Snapdragon 888 “go to black screen”. What to do?

Recently, there have been reports on the network about technical problems with some flagship devices of the ASUS ZenFone family. According to their owners, smartphones stopped loading after freezing. Representatives of the company have already commented on the situation.

Snapdragon 888On the ASUS ZenTalk thematic forum, some owners of branded smartphones said that their devices stopped turning on for no apparent reason . The authors of the posts claim that their gadgets based on the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor have stopped loading. In some cases, the owners of the “affected” devices could not restore the firmware on their own.

In a comment , ASUS representatives noted that they already know about the existence of the problem, and that these cases are not widespread.

“Sorry to hear that. If your device is unresponsive your best bet is to contact a local ASUS service center and have them take a look at it.


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