Apple Watch Ultra disappointed iFixit expert [VIDEO]

iFixit experts disassembled the rugged Apple Watch Ultra to assess the difficulty of opening the case, replacing the battery and screen of the device. The conclusions were not particularly comforting for future watch owners: according to engineers, the gadget is easier to replace than to repair.

The main drawback of the Apple Watch Ultra in terms of repair is a very problematic layout of various parts. So, to replace the battery, you need to remove the screen, not the back panel, while the probability of breakage of the display module is very high. Even the iFixit expert damaged the matrix when trying to carefully open the device.

Apple Watch Ultra

Another disadvantage is a disposable insert under the back cover, which ensures the waterproofness of the accessory. When disassembled, it immediately collapses and cannot be reused. Thus, without a complete replacement, the water resistance of the Apple Watch Ultra after repair is not guaranteed.

Apple Watch Ultra

After analyzing the maintainability of the Apple Watch Ultra, the iFixit expert concluded that not every specialist would be able to disassemble the watch. However, at the end of the video, the expert praised Apple engineers for the successful layout of components - but only in terms of compactness. All components are placed in such a way that the watch remains small with very advanced technical characteristics.

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