Android 13

Android 13 will arrive on Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and not on the S10: why?

Day after day we are getting closer and closer to the arrival of the definitive version of Android 13 – after all, Google itself has confirmed that the new OS is ” a few weeks after the official launch ” following the arrival of beta 4 -, and they are starting some dilemmas emerge about the support for the new OS for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series and in particular for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite model .

As we all know, Samsung is the only Android OEM in the world that guarantees up to 4 Android updates and up to 5 years of security patches for new Galaxy devices, but things get slightly more confusing when you consider devices with a few years on the shoulders.

Android 13

Why will Android 13 arrive on Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and not on other S10 series devices?

For many it may seem rather curious that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will receive the new OS while the more expensive and powerful Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 +, Samsung Galaxy S10e, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G are cut off instead, but there is a clear explanation. to everything.

The South Korean giant takes into consideration the year the phones were launched rather than hardware features: Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G were presented in 2019 with Android 9 on board and over the years received 3 software updates (Android 10, Android 11 and Android 12). Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, on the other hand, was presented at the beginning of 2020 with Android 10 on board and therefore has full right to receive the Android 13 update as it is part of the 3 guaranteed Android versions.

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Even if all this may seem incorrect, even more so considering that the aforementioned devices are all able to start Android 13 from the hardware point of view, unfortunately users with those S10 series devices will have to look around in search of a worthy substitute.