Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 has been released. What’s new in it awaits us?

Google continues to improve its proprietary operating system for mobile devices. This time, she released another test version of Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3. What’s new for us?

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3

First, it’s worth noting that the Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) 1 beta for the Google Pixel 7 Pro and its younger brother in the Pixel 7 line was not available. The situation has changed with the release of the third beta version of QPR, which owners of new Pixels can also install for themselves.


New Clear Calling Feature


When the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were released, it was promised that they would get a new Clear Calling feature in December. This is supposed to help improve sound quality when talking on the phone in noisy environments, allowing you and the other person to hear each other better. And now Clear Calling is becoming available as part of Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3. The corresponding option is located in the “Sound and vibration” section of the system settings.

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 has been released. What's new in it awaits us?

At one time, the Clear Calling feature was discovered in the Android 13 code, however, it does not yet work on Pixel 6 and older. These devices don’t have the library needed to run it. It is quite possible that later the older pixels, and in the future other smartphones, will get this feature.

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Switch to automatically turn on reverse wireless charging


Whenever you charge your Pixel phone, it automatically turns on reverse wireless charging for a few minutes so you can place your headphones or other accessories on the back of your phone and recharge them. In Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3, you finally get a toggle to control this option.

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 has been released. What's new in it awaits us?

New experimental folder animation


In the new version of Android, an experimental animation was discovered when scrolling through the pages in the folders of the Pixel Launcher. Instead of the familiar dots in the lower right corner indicating that a folder has multiple pages, an experimental flag switches them to small squares. When moving from page to page, the action is accompanied by an animation of one square falling on another.

Experimental Google Keep note-taking button


Another addition seen by indie developers is a new note-taking shortcut that is likely meant for the upcoming Google Pixel tablet. When you set your Pixel phone to a high display resolution (DPI), like a tablet, a new note-taking shortcut appears in the taskbar at the bottom, which, when tapped, launches a floating Google Keep window.


Other changes


There are a lot of other minor changes, of which the following are worth highlighting:


  1. Google is still working on their “cinematic” wallpapers. The new, not yet included Wallpaper Effects app comes with Beta 3 and it will be responsible for creating those prettier animated wallpapers.
  2. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are supposed to get a free VPN, and Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3 lays the groundwork for that. The basis for the new built-in VPN service appeared in the build for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.
  3. Previous QPR1 betas moved the sound and vibration bar to a popup in the middle of the screen, but the third beta is moving it back to the bottom. The only difference from Android 13 stable now is that the background is no longer dimmable.
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Recall that the release of the final version of Android 13 QPR1 is scheduled for December. If you can’t wait that long, try installing the Android 13 beta on your Pixel phone. But keep in mind that you are installing a pre-release version of the software, which is not guaranteed to work in all situations.

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