Android 12 style widgets on any Android 7.0 and older smartphone using Android 12 APP

Android 12 has already been officially released and soon smartphone manufacturers will start releasing stable versions of this operating system, one of the features of which is an updated interface with a set of new widgets.

Android 12 Widgets

However, as is often the case, many of us will have to reap system updates for many months, and some of the previously released devices will not receive Android 12 at all .

But today we have good news for those who would like to get the new Android 12 widgets now.

Thanks to the developer of the Android 12 Widgets app (Twelve), you can get Android 12 widgets on devices running Android 7.0 and later. It offers widgets for clock, battery, notifications, music, Google search, and system switches.

All widgets have a design similar to Android 12 widgets. Currently, it lacks a weather widget and a separate calendar widget.

Android 12 widgets on any Android smartphone

Android 12 Widgets

1. Install the Android 12 Widgets app on your phone from Play Store
2. Open the app and it will display all available widgets. Here you can decide which Android 12 widget you want to use.
3. Return to the desktop and make sure there is enough space on the desktop to install these widgets.
4. Touch an empty area of ​​the home screen and select “widgets”.
5. Find the “Android 12 Widgets” section, select the desired widget in it and drag it to the desktop.
6. The application will ask you to set the background color for the widget. Choose a color that matches your wallpaper and click Add Widget.

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After adding the widget, resize it to fit the available space on your desktop.

If you have an Android device and you really like the new Android 12 widgets then this is the app for you.
This is a standalone application, no other apps are required for it to work.
This application brings the new adaptive widgets to any older device.
Change widgets color based on homescreen wallpaper colors.
⦾ Analog clock
⦾ Digital clock
⦾ Weather
⦾ Calendar
⦾ Notifications
⦾ Battery level
⦾ System controls
⦾ Application shortcut
⦾ Google search
… and even more will be added …
⦾ Music

For some widgets, such as Wi-Fi, Notifications, Music, you need to grant the widget app the appropriate permissions. Some widgets support touch control directly from the desktop. For example, you can go to battery settings, turn Bluetooth and WiFi on or off.

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