Android 11 Go version released: support 2GB memory, application startup speed is 20% faster

According to The Verge report, Google officially released Android 11 Go today. This version of the system is mainly launched for low-end models, which can increase application startup speed by 20%.

Android 11 Go

We understands that one of the highlights of Android 11 Go is that it can run on devices with 2 GB or less RAM , which is an improvement over Android 10 (Go Edition) (for devices with less than 1.5 GB of RAM) .

In addition, Google stated that whether to install Android 11 Go instead of Android 10 Go on the device is also up to the OEM to decide, which contradicts the advice in the document obtained by the XDA developers in July. Google will not provide examples of devices that can get updates.

At the same time, Google also said that the release speed of Android 11 Go applications will also be 20% faster than Android 10 (Go version). Android 11 (Go version) adds a gesture-based navigation system that can be used to slide on the phone UI. At the same time, Android 11 Go also supports users to give one-time permissions to grant applications access to specific sensors, such as microphones, cameras, etc.

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