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An enthusiast tried to charge the iPhone 14 Pro with power supplies from a smartphone and laptop [VIDEO]

Previously, a power supply was supplied with the iPhone to charge the device, but after the 12th generation of the iPhone, the company cut the package, forcing users to buy the power supply on their own. 

An enthusiast from the iClarified channel checked what happens if you try to charge the iPhone 14 Pro with chargers from the iPhone 11, iPad or MacBook.

Six power supplies participated in the test: from the iPhone 11 and iPad at 5 and 12 W, respectively, Magsafe charging at 15 W, a regular PSU at 20 W, as well as two units from a MacBook with a power of 30 and 140 W. 

After measuring the charging time from zero to 100%, the author received the following results:

  1. Tue 5: 03:28:38.
  2. Tue 12: 01:57:00.
  3. Magsafe on 15 Tues: 02:03:40.
  4. Tue 20: 01:39:37.
  5. Tue 30: 01:37:47.
  6. 140 Tue: 01:37:27.

The performance of a 140W, 30W and 20W PSU is almost the same, so the author recommends buying a 20W unit if you choose from the options offered. 

Magsafe at 15 watts charged the smartphone for 24 minutes longer, and 12-watt charging was faster than the more powerful Magsafe. 

As expected, the iPhone 14 Pro was the slowest to charge Apple’s standard 5W PSU.

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It can be seen that the speed depends on the current battery capacity