5 Tips for Better Reading in the Dark on Your Kindle


One of the many joys of owning a Kindle is always having your library available and being able to read when and where you want. Lightweight and easy to carry around, the Kindle has a screen that gives many readers the impression of reading a physical book.

Plus, this device offers a range of great features so you can keep reading even when daylight fades and night falls. Here are five features that the Kindle offers to allow you to use it even in low light situations.

Use automatic brightness

Depending on the Amazon Kindle device you choose there may be several LED lights mounted in the front display to help you read. Starting with Kindle 10 (year 2019), the Kindle has been equipped with a lighting system integrated into the frame that allows reading in all conditions.

The LEDs present range from four in the basic Kindle to 25 in the Kindle Oasis which has a high resolution 300 ppi screen to read like in print. This means that you can set the brightness according to your needs.

To set this up, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings menu. Here you find the Brightness function and you will have to move the switch to adjust the brightness according to your environment.

Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis models also have an “ Auto Brightness ” feature which allows the Kindle’s front light to change brightness based on ambient light.

In practice, in relation to the surrounding brightness, the intensity of the LEDs increases or decreases automatically. To enable this feature, simply check the “Auto Brightness” box in the Quick Settings menu.

Kindle Dark Mode

Enable Night Light

Most Kindle devices have a “Night Light” option that keeps your eyes from getting too tired when reading in the dark.

If you activate this function, the brightness will gradually decrease over time as your eyes adapt to the darkness, so you will always be comfortable and not tire your eyes .

You can set this feature through the main settings page.

Go to All Settings> Device Options> Display Settings> Night Light to turn it on.

Adjusts the hue of the screen light

In the most recent Kindles you can relax and enjoy longer night reading sessions thanks to the ability to adjust the screen tone . At the time of writing, this feature is only available in the Eleventh Generation Kindle Paperwhite (year 2021) and Kindle Oasis 3 released in 2019.

The Hue feature allows you to change the warmth of the light emitted by the display to give you a truly reading experience. personalized. To activate it, swipe down from the top of the display, access the Quick Settings menu and go to Hue. Here use the slider to adjust the screen’s warmth which can range from white to amber.

It is recommended to set it to white during the day and soft amber at night, so it will be more pleasant for light eyes when it is dark.

The amber hue will look less like the blue light emitted by most tech devices and may even help you sleep better. You can program the Hue to automatically change between sunset and sunrise.

To do this, simply select the “Programmed” item located next to the Hue section in the Quick Settings menu and set its operation at different times of the day.

Kindle Dark Mode


Use dark mode

If you plan to read for extended periods, especially in low light, you may find that switching to dark mode is more relaxing for your eyes.

This feature gives you lighter text on a darker background, as many smartphones, tablets and PCs already offer today. This setting is really comfortable to use in the dark , it does less damage to our eyes and doesn’t disturb the people around us.

At the time of writing, dark mode is a feature only available on the 10th generation Kindle Paperwhite (2018) or later and Kindle Oasis 2 or 3 models. It’s easy to enable dark mode on your Kindle.

All you have to do is swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings menu and tap the Dark Mode (or Dark Mode) button located in the top right corner of the screen.

Enlarge the display size on the display

You can easily change the font size on your Kindle to personalize your reading experience.

But there is also the option to change the size of the content by enlarging the text, images and menus of your Kindle.

Larger menu screens and images may be easier to navigate if you read at night.

Go to All Settings> Device Options> Display Settings> Screen Size to switch between standard and large display sizes.

Kindle Dark Mode



Kindle has come up with tons of features to help users read at night or in low-light situations. If you are thinking of buying a new Kindle , it is important to first analyze your reading habits and then find the model that suits you best.

Especially if you enjoy reading in the evening, Kindle has introduced a built-in lighting system and several other features that make reading easier and avoid eye strain.

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